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"Miss Extraordinary Beauty"

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Queen Darla Allgood EPA Spokeswoman

Beauty is defined as a combination of qualities that entertains the intellect, moral sense, and eye of the beholder. We define it as your greatness inside out! For the upcoming year we are seeking our next Miss or Mr. EPA Beauty.

laExpose' Productions is an 501c3 organization. Our purpose is to support the people we serve. In addition, we help the underserved and many charities. We encourage all to see and read the details of years of serving and helping our domestic and international members.

All Applicants, including men or young people must include a photograph with the submission of their application below. Children, Teens, Men welcome.  
The photo must be of good resolution and clarity. It must be attached to your e-mail as either a JPEG or PNG file and send it to  Your application is your waiver for the use of the photo to promote your flier and magazine publication including youth applicants by a parent or guardian.


Applicants must pay the non-refundable $250 entry fee. Submit a short application below and photo by August 5th in order to qualify. Please submit the payment by Paypal entry here by donation button. We will expect your attendance to the awards for coronation.

If Covid interrupt the event, we will contact you and give you the option to submit details for a full page magazine spread.

Your registration fee includes your TV appearance, award, full page magazine, banner, flier, and show interview.  Our magazines are internationally distributed through Amazon.

The current Royal Court will select from entries.

The Winner will receive the following: Crown, Sash, Flier, Magazine Cover, tv interview and mass advertisement in addition to having 1 year representation.

The new title as Mrs. Extraordinary Beauty, Mr. EPA, Miss Teen Extraordinary Beauty and children are also welcome.

The top contributor(contestant) or invite the most registered people wins!

NOTE:  If you are under the age of 21 the only requirements you must register, submit best photo and submit a short 200 words "Why Winning EPA Important".

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Let’s Work Together

Fax: 615-345-4192

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