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About Awards

About Awards

For twenty-six years, Dr. LaVerne Adekunle and Dr. John Williams have recognized community service leaders and individuals who made significant contributions within their communities. The event called Community Service Awards was organized with the help of Councilman John Musgraves. The 1st speaker was Congressman Marion Barry and the summit featured Lt. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller.

In 2015, the Extraordinary People Awards began recognizing the efforts of many international community leaders from several countries in attendance with its “global awards.” By 2016, the awards program chose its most loyal performer from Yenagoa Bayelsa, Elder Dempster. We formed a collaborative effort with Dr. John Williams Come On In (Elite) Foundation, Dr. Tola Olukilede, and Stephen J. Thomas led by Exec. Director Dwayne Coley.

Near a decade later after both partner's trip to Nigeria, Nigeria was showcased by Anthony Bourdain. Our affluent honorees from Asia to South Africa have inspired our growth. The EPA transformed this year into the Extraordinary Hall of Honor Williams Elite Awards. This fundraiser will help renovate a family home and provide food and books for 50 kids. Stay tuned for the results to be featured by laExpose' Nigeria filmmaker Segun Lasisi.

The President Award is the highest honor to induct individuals and recognize martial artists, volunteers, and community service leaders, that complement the humanitarian character of inspired leaders. The awards are based on submitted bios by an individual, group, or verified project. 


  • To provide the community with a unique event of the highest quality that celebrates authors, leaders, ministries, music, and those who go unnoticed.

  • To raise awareness and bring exposure of laExpose', a 501(c)3 organization of international members serving the needs of others.

  • To increase understanding and appreciation for people who are gifted and talented.

  • To raise awareness of the global community's needs.

  • ​To build an international audience for the Extraordinary People Awards

International Notable Honorees

Hon.N.Kwanka, Hon.D.Illunga, Mr.& Ms.R.Solberg, K.Khan, A. Ten Holt, Dr. Abena Tay, F.Anyanwu, The Ooni of Ife, S.Thomas, Dr. & Ms Olukilede, L.Mlambo, M.Oyairo, Dr. M. Ramos, Mr.& Ms.Yang, Dr. Sherron Parrish, Dr. A.Ayanlola, Fl. Congressman Lawson.

Meet Our Team

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EPA 2022 Feed The People Collaboration
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Proclamation, Congrat's Dr. LaVerne

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