Do you know an excellent community leader, author, writer, blogger, journalist, media personality, singer, stylist, designer, producer, actor, mentor, photographer, videographer, model, radio personality, publicist, promoter, event’s organizer, public speaker, business, entrepreneur, or someone deserved to be honored and never get noticed?

Meet Our Team

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle Founder, Co-Founder Macaiah W. Tillman, Ph.D, MA. Dwayne Coley Entertainment Exec.Event Director, Segun Lasisi, Public Relations & Media Director, Donovan Longmore and Dr. John Williams Award Coordinator, represent EPA team. 

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laExpose' Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization helping under served and low income individuals. We launched Extraordinary People Awards four years ago to help support the people we serve.

The awards gold star statuettes are given to accomplished nominees by an advisory team of distinguished panel of leaders, film producers, authors, music and media experts.

Extraordinary People Awards is one of the most prestigious international awards organization recognizing people around the world.  We recognize recipient’s lifetime of achievements, humanitarian aid, volunteer-ism and contributions made in global communities. The honorees are chosen by the advisory team and contacted to register and attend or make arrangement for shipping award.

Mission: A World where people will accept other diverse talents to end poverty.

Vision: laExpose’ seek to educate, promote community service & eradicate poverty.

  • To provide the community with a unique event of the highest quality that celebrates authors, leaders, ministries, music and those whom go unnoticed.

  • To raise awareness  and bring exposure of laExpose', 501(c)3 organization of international members serving the needs of others.

  • To increase understanding and appreciation for people that are gifted and talented.

  • To raise awareness of the Orphanages in Africa

  • To build an international audience for Extraordinary People Awards

Former Notable Honorees

Hon.N.Kwanka, Hon.D.Illunga, Mr.& Ms.R.Solberg, K.Khan, A. Ten Holt, Dr. Abenatay, F.Anyanwu, The Ooni of Ife, S.Thomas, Dr.&Ms Olukilede, L.Mlambo, M.Oyairo, Dr.'s Powell, Mr.& Ms.Yang, Dr. Sherron Parrish, Dr. A.Ayanlola

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"For Love Made Away"

Award Winning Dwayne Coley

2017 Results in Colorado Details Here


Now Open!

Nominate an EXTRAORDINARY Person

Submit the nominee name, contact info, bio, and website if available. Nominees have 10 days to claim their choice title for the Award by registering. Registration includes their engraved trophy, and personalized certificate.

This is not a voting platform. You nominate, and our committee review bio’s for award placement.

Nominees or Honorees

Fill form out the form below. Submit bio and if interested in promo flier, donate $35. and send photo.

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The Top Reasons Why You Should Want to be Nominated and chosen besides bragging rights!

  1. Meet Int'l Experts & Influencers Face to Face

  2. Opportunities – Share Expertise and Best Practices

  3. Respect – Peers, Colleagues, Leaders

  4. Achievement and Advancement

  5. Exposure – Expanded Networks

  6. Tools for your website & bragging rights!

  7. Awards are “live streamed” on TV

  8. Entry in All Expense Paid trip to the Awards!


We shall not forget!
Ifeanyi Onyeabo
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We are offering more services for Honorees (Nominees).

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Videos samples below, to order yours, on the Ticket page and email use your details.

Nigeria Gov't Honorees

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Theme Song: "For Love Made A Way" by Dwayne Coley, Award-Winning Artist
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