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Welcome to the 2018 Awards which is set in one of the largest southern cities of the south, Atlanta Georgia.

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Atlanta is a very diverse city with southern charm and the best food dishes to enjoy while you are here. Southerners are the friendliest in the US and often call people affectionately “hun, sugar, darling, babe.” Don’t take offence, it is the warm kindness of southerners.

 Atlanta offers a vast amount of tourism, just click the links to view from Martin Luther King Center, The biggest Aquarium I ever seen to CNN News Center (food court) and Tyler Perry Studios it is so much to see.

Two hotel choices for Internationals that want to stay at the Airport area. Approximately 15min from the venue. All others, two hotels near the venue one in walking distance by the Mall and other one 5min drive. Hotels are as low as $48.00 if you make reservations early. Quality Inn is $59.00

Airport Hotel 1 and Airport Hotel 2  use FREE shuttle from Hartsfield Jackson Int'l Airport to hotel. Saturday, use taxi or Uber or Lyft to get to Venue approximately $14.00

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Morrow Venue Hotel 1 and Morrow Venue Hotel 2  use Uber  or Lyft from hotel to Venue. Locals hotels are about 5min away even cheaper! Another Option

JS Venue Plus

1355 Mt.Zion Rd.

Morrow, Ga 30260


Our Schedule

9/14/18 Friday-Meet & Greet 5pm at Soul Delicious Restaurant 

(Buffet All You Can Eat) Tours & Meals feel free to select and

pay at locations. Please use Lyft or Uber to get around.

9/15/18 Saturday- 10:30am CNN Center Tour if you want to meet Robin Meade, that Tour is 8:30am.  Aquarium Tour 

9/15/18 Saturday: 5:30 Red Carpet 6:00pm  Award Dinner, 

Entertainment and Featuring Freeze Flash Mob

Sunday:  Farewell Breakfast

AMC Theatre for movie goers

Please let us know if you will attend the Meet or Greet or Tour to give a head count by 8/15/18

August 5th. Deadlines for Registering


I am the winner of the 2015 EPA's International Leadership Award.


In both the 2015 and 2016 award ceremonies, the EPA was true to its objective of recognizing leaders, both young and old, for their contribution towards building a better world. All the award winners from different parts of the world.


I was also completely enthralled by the award ceremonies from start to finish. The ambience of the stunning venues greatly added to the sense of occasion.


The EPA events provided a great opportunity for me to meet and network with fellow award nominees, award winners and people from around world. 


For me personally, winning the EPA's International Leadership Award for my work in advancing the cause of creating and fostering a human rights culture in Africa was a great honour and privilege. 


I doff my hat to the Extraordinary People Awards for the sterling work they are doing in recognizing all those who toil night and day towards building a world in which we all look forward to the sunrise of our tomorrow! 


Nqabayomzi Kwankwa,

Member of Parliament Republic of South Africa

Founder and Chairperson: African Parliamentarians for Human Rights (AfriPAHR)

Our Dinner will be served by the Award-Winning ChumOn BBQ and I guarantee, you want leave hungry and disappointed!!

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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