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Hall of Fame

laExpose' Production is proud to present the 1st edition of the Global Who's Who Hall of Fame. This memoir publication features profiles of accomplished individuals representing virtually every major field of endeavor. We went beyond the biographical profile. The pages within this edition you will experience biographies that reach beyond lists to shed additional light on what makes these inspiring individuals who they are. You will find rewarding lives from homemakers to award-winners, authors, athletes, accomplished artists, renowned entertainers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives, government and ministry leaders, innovators and inventors, as well as professionals in the fields of education, law, medicine, broadcasting, publishing, film-making, graphical artist, and information technology from people around the globe. ​

In order for the profile biography to be listed, it is only $75.00, and it will be a permanent record of your life to date. The invaluable, beautiful published book will be available on Amazon. You will be able to share your biography synopsis with your family and friends. There will be a printable eBook format that will be available. In addition, you are paying for two profiles, a printable eBook, and an Extraordinary People Awards invitation for the official induction. This will be worthy of passing on for generations to come.

Submission Guidelines:

You will need to submit a High Definition photo that can be uploaded in a universal format(word doc).  Please include a biography summary that is limited to 400 words, single spaced, and in a 12-font size.

If you need more than 1 page for your biography, you will need to donate an additional $50.00 per page.  Also, if you want to commemorate a love one for your family legacy it's only $50 in addition to your profile. ​ Please follow the same guidelines and notify us. Your submission is permission to publish.

Please allow room for your photo and 400 words on one page.  See SAMPLE

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Biographical Submission


No Photo Biography $65.00
Commemorate $60.00
Additional Pages or Flier
$50.00 per page
Note: This is not a voting platform.  You are invited to submit your biography for our copyrighted publication. This is for those who want to leave a legacy and  preserve their biography.
You don't have to be overly accomplished to participate. Once you submit your material you will receive confirmation and notified of final publishing per your branding usage.
It is your choice to add your website in your bio or contact info.
Publications scheduled for Nov.2020.
Deadline Sept. 10th 2020              click button
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