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Williams Elite New Site

The Honorees have an option to promote their award by a presentation interview video or a slideshow for a $100.00 donation. We will follow up to the requests for the images needed after an order is submitted under the donation. Souvenirs will be available in our souvenir shop.

Extra award fliers for $75.00. Deadlines for Registration August 24th. All fees are non-refundable.  We will host an Facebook "live" and record.

Honoree's if you can't attend, please send us your shipping address & $25 shipping.

For  hot meals & homeless items please donate to FeedThePeopleJaxInc. Donate a meal $20. Feed The People Jax Inc. cashapp $feedthepeoplejaxinc

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J'ville Int'l Airport Location Address: 325 Main St. Jacksonville, FL (behind Library)

Hotels Nearby  2Bedroom Upscale Apt. Airbnb close to downtown

Taxi Cab or

Note: The schedule is subject to change due to covid policies for our additional events. Vaccinated and Mask not required as of today to attend.

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Guest Dinner  $175.00 includes Tour of the Garden of the Gods & After Party. TICKETS

Inductee Awards $395.00 includes tour, after party, award,  banner/flier and certificate. You can cashapp or Paypal. Feel free to total and submit your fees.

Get 3 inductees and get in FREE.

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Awards Merch

Dinner Cruise nite before the Awards for our international guest!!

Dinner Cruise Meet n Greet

Need more details? 

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels. Terms of use: Any photos will be used to promote your recognition and achievements.

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