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Sept.30th 2023 12noon
325 N. Main St. (behind Library)
Jacksonville, Florida



Due to the state of the economy, we will focus on the humanitarian aid for Veterans and underprivileged. Feed The People Jax Inc. Pot of Gold Ministry, ComeOnIn and laExpose' programs have the passion to make sure the less fortunate are served. Feed The People will offer heavy hord'oeuvres  that will be worth attending with live entertainment to enjoy. Our awards will be informal with a full course lunch for the attendees, featuring great food, entertainment, and recognition. All the proceeds will assist in the sponsoring of this great event!

The Honorees registrations will include an engraved award trophy and promotional banner, which will serve as an banner ad in laExpose' Magazine.  The magazine entry deadline will be announced soon.  We will accept a  limited amount of Honorees this year.

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The Honorees have an option to promote their award by a presentation interview video or a slideshow for a $100.00 donation. We will follow up to the requests for the images needed after an order is submitted under the donation. Souvenirs will be available in our souvenir shop.

Extra award fliers for $75.00. Deadlines for Registration August 24th. All fees are non-refundable.  We will host an Facebook "live" and record.

Honoree's if you can't attend, please send us your shipping address & $25 shipping.

For  hot meals & homeless items please donate to FeedThePeopleJaxInc. Donate a meal $20. Feed The People Jax Inc. cashapp $feedthepeoplejaxinc

Registration for award and guest tickets order here!
Guest Ticket $75. Awards $150.
Performers $250.

SEND your Registration for award receipt to

J'ville Int'l Airport Location Address: 325 Main St. Jacksonville, FL (behind Library)

Hotels Nearby  2Bedroom Upscale Apt. Airbnb close to downtown

Taxi Cab or

Note: The schedule is subject to change due to covid policies for our additional events. Vaccinated and Mask not required as of today to attend.

Award 2016 Proclamation

Dinner Cruise nite before the Awards for our international guest!!

Need more details? 

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels. Terms of use: Any photos will be used to promote your recognition and achievements.

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